Consulting Services

  • iPhone Development
  • FPGA DSP Design
    • Summary of Skills

      Signal Processing System Architecture

      • Digital Radio Design (Software Defined Radio)
      • System level design of parallel architectures.
      • High performance signal processing architecture design

      Digital Radio Design

      • Detailed Up/Digital Down Converter Design
      • CIC Filter Design
      • Numerically Controlled Oscillator
      • High Performance Parallel FIR Filtering.
      • FIR filers are configured for use in Adaptive Filtering systems.
      • Multi-Rate Digital Resampler.
      • Gain Control.
      • CIC FIR Compensation.
      • Fixed point rounding and noise analysis.

      Forward Error Correction

      Kreeger Research has implemented all of these codes in FPGA's and full custom ASIC

      Block Codes

      • BCH binary codes
      • Reed-Solomon codes.
      • Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes.
      • Reed Solomon.

      Convolutional Codes

      • BCH block coding.
      • Viterbi decoders
      • Turbo Codes (Interleaved Convolutional Codes)

      Signal Shaping

      • Multi dimensional QAM Constellation mapping.
      • Minimize Peak to Average using signal shaping.
      • Direct Digital FM Modulation and FSK.

      Modern Control Systems

      • Automatic Gain Control.
      • PID controllers
      • Loop Stability Analysis.
      • Observer modeling for fast adaption

      Non-linear Compensation

      • Volterra Filters used in Non Linear control loop compensation used in power amplifier pre-distortion.
      • Non-Linear Signal Analysis and System identification.
      • Compensation for flaws in A/D converters.
      • Pre-compensate Non-linearites in Power Amplifiers.
      • Real time computation of predistortion. See GC5322.

      Image Processing

      • 2D Convolutional Codes.
      • Convert interlaced to progressive.
      • YCbCr to RGB (Polar coordinates to Cartesian conversation)
      • Image Scaling (with prefiltering)
      • Alpha Blending.
      • Bit Erosion and Dilation.

      System Analysis and High Level Design

      • Fixed point signal analysis. Where to round and how many bits to meet your system needs.
      • Create Bit Accurate models for fixed point digital systems. Models can be written in Matlab, C, or C++.

      Detailed Design / Implementation

      • Convert Floating Point system into Efficient Fixed Point implementation.
      • Implementation in Full Custom ASICs
      • Hand layout using internal tools.
      • Cycle simulator.
      • Product Prototyping FPGA.
      • System level models.
      • Verilog and VHDL
      • Design synthesis and mapping into FPGA
      • Xilinx ISE, EDK
      • Optimal High Frequency usage of Xilinx DSP48 units.
      • Altera Quartus.

      Programming Frameworks.

      • HDL Compiler Design.
      • Code Generating Code.
      • Objective-C, With iPhone Framework.
      • User Interface Design.
      • Icon Design.
      • Real time signal processing environments.
      • Algorithm implantation in C code for performance.
      • Model, View, Control
      • High performance Data Bases Design.
      • Database Design.

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