iPhone Products and Services

We offer design consulting services for your iPhone application. Our speciallty is signal processing. We write optimized code in a mix of assembly and c code to get optimial performance and reduced power.

iPhone DSP API

"Our team has developed a set of API's for the iPhone that will make it easy to stitch together complex signal processing systems. In the next week or so we will release a couple applications to the AppStore which will demonstrate these technologies. For example we are making an application that will measure your heart rate using the built in microphone."

What can you do with our DSP API?

  • Pitch Shifting
  • Frequency Shifting
  • Slow down or Speed up playback without changing the pitch.
  • Change the playback rate in real time.
  • and much more...

Software System Development:

  • Objective-C and iPhone SDK.
  • iPhone: signal processing applications for iPhone, iWarpSound (TM)
  • Custom DSP algorithm development and implementation.
  • Assembly coding to reduce power consumption and increase performance.
  • Precise Font placement incorporated with touches
  • 2D plotting, (scatter plots, temperature plots and histograms)
  • Accelerometer Control.
  • Touch Input Control.

    • Please send email sales@kreegerresearch.com or call (425)502-5318 for a quote.